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Attachable Sleepytot Comforter Baby Sleeping Aid with Stick Together Paws to hold Soothers


Award-winning cuddly, super soft sleep aid and comforter . Recommended by the Millpond International Child Sleep Clinic. Each paw has a stick together fastener so the Sleepytot comforter can be used to hold dummies, teething rings, or attach him to a cot. Helps baby find their dummy easily when they wake in the night. Can be attached to buggies and bags for trips out, so your baby will always have their best friend for comfort This item comes in a presentation box to make a perfect gift. Washable at 30 degrees CAUTION As with any baby product please use appropriately to avoid any risk of suffocation. Keep the toy attached to the cot bars until baby is old enough to sleep cuddling it. Free giftwrapping available. Please email us after ordering. Soother rings to attach ringless soothers available separately.


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